Chet Hanks Stopped A Home Invasion By Beating The Crap Out Of The Dude!!

Don’t mess with Chet Hanks!

Tom Hanks‘ son was at home in Los Angeles very early on Monday doing his thing (presumably sleeping?!) when a man broke into his house. But instead of fleeing, Chet beat the s**t out of the guy! Whoa!!

According to TMZ, an unidentified man allegedly broke into Chet’s house around 3:00 a.m. on Monday. The 42-year-old spotted the intruder, and the fight was on! Per the outlet, Tom Hanks‘ son punched the guy until authorities could arrive. After Chet kept the suspect at bay from doing whatever he intended to do, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies rushed to the scene.

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The guy who broke in was apparently really agitated, because TMZ claims the man CONTINUED fighting with cops even after he’d been bested by Chet’s bare fists. Dude, just take the L! But the suspect refused, and he continued bucking wildly on officers even after they slapped cuffs on him. The man was so out of control, in fact, that he fell on one deputy while they were leading him to the squad car — and broke the cop’s leg!

The deputy was taken to the hospital for the treatment of the non-life threatening injury. But still, a broken leg is no joke! And Chet messed the intruder up enough that he had to be seen doctors, too. After a medical check-in, the suspect was taken to jail and booked for burglary. Charges against him have now been sent up to the district attorney for consideration.

Obviously, no charges for Chet, who was just defending his home — and apparently doing quite well at it! No injuries for Chet, either; the outlet reports Hanks was physically unscathed. Thank goodness for that!

This intruder apparently wasn’t aware that it’s forever white boy summer in the Hanks household…

[Image via The Late Show/YouTube/Chet Hanks/Instagram]

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