Carl Radke Did NOT Conspire With Summer House Producers To Ambush Lindsay Hubbard With Breakup: Source

We’re finally getting more details about what went down the day Carl Radke ended his engagement to Lindsay Hubbard!

For those who need a refresher on the Summer House drama, the 38-year-old reality star broke up with Lindsay in August — just three months before their wedding in Mexico. And the whole thing was caught on camera! Despite reports of the former couple being in therapy for a while, the 37-year-old public relations specialist has insisted she was “blindsided” by the split and manipulated by Carl to have it filmed for the show. Lindsay told Us Weekly:

“It would’ve been one thing if this conversation happened over the summer during the normal filming schedule. But for [Carl] to call up producers and then set up cameras and manipulate me into sitting down [so he could break up with me] after we’d already wrapped is scary.”

That’s some accusation!

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And during an appearance on the Viall Files podcast earlier this week, she doubled down! Lindsay claimed the exes received a text message from producers on the day of the breakup — something she found “weird.” Why? Not only had filming technically wrapped, but Carl “immediately” replied to the group message and was “eager to change” the therapy session they scheduled that day:

“It’s a group text and it is, ‘Hey, we’re filming tomorrow blah blah blah,’ and I’m just like this is not right, and he’s responding immediately, he’s moving couples therapy he’s clearing his schedule, he is like, ‘Absolutely,’ and I’m just like, ‘This is weird.’”

Her suspicions continued to rise, Lindsay said, when the reason why producers needed to film began “not making sense” to her:

“I was like, ‘I don’t understand what’s going on. We’re having these conflicts in our communication surrounding his career, but why are we filming?’”

The second he began to talk to her on camera and said, “‘You don’t take me seriously,’” Lindsay “knew that this was this weird like f**ked up situation that felt like he was using the cameras to threaten me.” And we all know what happened from there. Carl broke her heart! Oof.

Despite her suspicions, though, Carl has insisted he never planned with producers to ambush her with the breakup! He denied the claims to People at BravoCon over the weekend, saying:

“I don’t decide what is being filmed on ‘Summer House.’ I really don’t. I just respond to what’s being requested.”

However, Lindsay doesn’t buy one word of what he said. Fans even have some suspicions about whether Carl called up producers to film the split without her knowledge! But now we’re getting some insight into what happened the day of the breakup… that actually supports Carl’s side of the story!

A source insisted to Page Six on Thursday that Carl did not call producers to “purposely blindside” Lindsay when he called off the engagement. Although filming wrapped a few days prior, they say, producers supposedly told Carl and Lindsay they wanted to continue documenting this “pivotal” time in their relationship. But mainly, the team didn’t want to end the season with a “blowout fight” between the pair that happened on the last day of filming!

Producers were planning to tape their nuptials in November — even after finishing filming for the season. Since Lindsay and Carl got into “such a big fight,” though, they wanted to “close the loop” between the finale episode and their wedding. In other words, get footage of them making up? Hmm. So they asked the co-stars to film again:

“They wanted to capture a conversation after the fight, so they could continue moving forward after things were left in a rocky place on Sunday.”

Two days later, production contacted Carl and Lindsay in a group chat about filming again. The insider insisted Carl had no idea about the plans nor was ever in “cahoots” with producers:

“Cast members don’t decide when cameras go up. Producers would never be in cahoots against Lindsay.”

When producers went to record the conversation between Carl and Lindsay, they were “shocked” to see he was breaking up with her:

“Everyone was as surprised as Lindsay. Carl did not set her up to purposely blindside her on camera.”

Hmm. It sounds like Carl still blindsided everyone — Lindsay and producers included! Even if he didn’t plan with producers to film the end of their engagement, he still did it on camera instead of waiting until they were alone. Obviously, it wouldn’t be cool to string her along. But surprising her with an on camera breakup was awful to do! She was clearly hurt by it even more.

But what do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Are y’all buying this explanation? Sound OFF (below)…

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