Bruce Willis’ Daughter Tallulah Gives Update On His Battle With ‘Very Rare’ Form Of Dementia

Bruce Willis’ daughter is opening up about his ongoing battle with frontotemporal dementia.

On Wednesday, Tallulah Willis, middle daughter of the Die Hard actor’s five, including Rumer and Scout with ex-wife Demi Moore, and little Mabel and Evelyn with Emma Heming, stopped by The Drew Barrymore Show and got candid about his health. She told the talk show host:

“What’s going on with my dad, he has a really aggressive cognitive disease, [a] form of dementia that’s very rare.”

Bruce’s family, of course, announced this heartbreaking news back in February with a joint statement. And Tallulah is explaining why they’ve all been so “open” about his diagnosis.

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She told Drew:

“Well, I think it’s twofold. I think on one hand, it’s who we are as a family, but also, it’s really important for us to spread awareness about FTD.”

She continued:

“If we can take something that we’re struggling with as a family and individually, you know, to help other people, to turn it around, to make something beautiful about it. That’s really special for us.”

How incredibly noble. With such a public platform, it’s amazing that they’re all being so transparent about the debilitating disease — especially Bruce’s wife Emma. The 29-year-old added:

“Part of what’s been a really beautiful way for me to heal through this is becoming, like, an archaeologist to my dad’s stuff, his world, and his little trinkets, and doo-dads.”

How sweet! Watch the full clip (below):

Our hearts continue to be with all of Bruce’s loved ones during these trying times. Share some support in the comments down below.

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