Britney Spears Reveals Dark Past Of ‘Vicious’ Grandfather Who Allegedly Sexually Abused His 11-Year-Old Daughter For Years

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Britney Spears is not only revealing the complicated matters of her personal life in her new memoir but that of her entire family.

In The Woman in Me, the pop star recalls the disturbing past of her father Jamie Spears‘ dad June Spears Sr., who allegedly abused his young daughter for years. According to the singer, her paternal grandfather started to abuse her aunt — who was just 11 at the time — and the gross behavior lasted for five years. The 41-year-old wrote:

“One of my father’s half sisters has said that June sexually abused her starting when she was eleven, until she ran away at sixteen.”

Whoa. It only stopped once she ran away?? Terrible.

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June, who was an officer for the Baton Rouge Police Department and died in 2012, welcomed ten children with three wives. Frankly, he just wasn’t seen as a good man, Britney acknowledged:

“As far as I can tell, no one has one good word to say about the first fifty years of his life. Even in my family, it was said the Spears men tended to be bad news, especially in terms of how they treated women.”

Umm, is this also a dig at her brother, Bryan Spears?! Oof!

The songwriter’s aunt, Leigh Ann Spears Wrather, actually first spoke out about the alleged abuse in an interview with the New York Post in 2021, saying she’d go to church — where her dad was a deacon — and he’d make her perform sexual acts on the way home. She told the outlet:

“I never went back except to visit a few times. I’ve been dealing with it my whole life. He used to line us kids up and whip us. We’d go to church where my daddy was the deacon and on the way home he’d make me beat him off. I hope he’s burning in hell.”

So, so awful.

While those before her had to experience June’s wrath, Britney went on to say in her tell-all that he “softened as he got older,” noting:

“I didn’t experience the vicious man who had abused my father and his siblings but rather a grandfather who seemed patient and sweet.”

Per DM, Britney also addressed the cruel way her grandfather allegedly treated the women in his life. That includes allegations that he had two of his three wives locked up in a “horrible” mental asylum in Mandeville, Louisiana. The Circus singer’s grandmother, Emma Jean Forbes — Jamie’s momma — was even allegedly put on the drug lithium following the death of her son, who died at just three days old.

Of course, this is a striking connection to the Grammy winner, who has complained about being forced to take the same drug during her conservatorship. Wow. Perhaps Jamie allegedly learned that from his dad

Sadly, Jean passed away eight years after her son’s death, when she died by suicide by shooting herself at his grave — although Leigh Anne and others aren’t so sure the death was really a suicide, per The Post. This is super tragic all around, and it must’ve been such a hard family truth to grapple with for Britney growing up.

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