Britney Spears Loses Underwear For Trio Of Halloween Outfits! Look!

Britney Spears had herself quite the Halloween — on Instagram, at least!

On Tuesday evening, the Toxic singer took to the social media app to post three clips of herself in different outfits. And in all three, she stunned — as she always does! Whether memoirs or memorable vids, she knows how to draw eyeballs!

The first vid showed a stripper pole in the background and the Baby One More Time singer in a powder blue mini dress, a sparkly top, and a scarf. The third vid saw her in a red one-shoulder dress highlighted by a sexy waist cutout. But it was the second video of the three that REALLY caught attention!

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In it, the 41-year-old rocked a sheer black cover-up that was held together at the sides of her body by loose, sparkling chains. She had a blue-and-white bra on to cover things up top, but down below… there was NOTHING! The cover-up hid the NSFW parts in front and back, of course, but her bare hips plainly proved Brit had no underwear on underneath! Yep — she went as a commando for Halloween! LOLz!

She also had one of her tiny dogs in her arms in that second vid, clinging to it tightly while she played around with her stance in front of the camera. And interestingly, in two of the three vids, you can clearly see a lit-up Christmas tree in the background. So maybe these are old videos Brit is only getting around to posting now?! Or perhaps she got a REALLY early start on decorating for the holiday season??

Regardless, you can see all three videos for yourself (below) in the order they were posted, including that eye-catching commando clip in the middle:

Britney has never been afraid to show off, and it seems like she chose Halloween to make another mark!

Comments were turned off on all three of her IG posts, tho, so you’ll have to share yours (below)!!

[Image via Britney Spears/Instagram]

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