Britney Spears Details How She ‘Punished’ Herself During Las Vegas Residency: ‘I Was Traumatized’

Britney Spears is opening up about her life during her Britney: Piece of Me Las Vegas residency.

In case you don’t remember, Brit Brit’s Vegas residency was very much hyped up, but by the time it came around in 2013 there were reviews everywhere calling it disappointing and underwhelming. For the entire four year stint of the shows, she faced some pretty harsh criticism about her performance — and now in her new book The Woman In Me, which came out Tuesday, she explained why.

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She recalled how she would push back in small ways against those who were “making money” off her:

“In the most immortalizing moments of my Las Vegas residency, I wore tight wigs, and I’d dance in a way where I wouldn’t move a hair on my head. Everyone who is making money off me, wanted me to move my hair, and I knew it — and so I did everything but that.”

Not only that, she said the reason for her lack of momentum was because she wanted to “punish” those who “held her captive” during her conservatorship:

“I realize how much of myself I withheld on stage, how much by trying to punish the people who held me captive I punished everyone else, too — including my loyal fans, including myself. But now I know why I’ve been sleepwalking through so much of the past 13 years. I was traumatized.”


The 41-year-old went on to explain she was doing her “own version of a factory slowdown”:

“By holding back on stage, I was trying to rebel in someway, even if I was the only one who knew that was what was happening. And so I didn’t toss my hair or flirt. I did the moves and I sang the notes, but I didn’t put the fire behind it that I had in the past. Toning down my energy on stage was my own version of a factory slowdown.”

It’s so sad that Britney was so miserable at the time she would even think to do something like this. Remember, she also said dad Jamie Spears forced her into rehab during the residency over ENERGY SUPPLEMENTS!

As she’s been detailing in her memoir, she’s done a lot of things in order to rebel against her controllers over the years. Hopefully now she’s in a much better place.

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