Britney Spears Claims Kevin Federline Kept Babies With Shar Jackson A Secret From Her — Learn How She Found Out!

Britney Spears wants everyone to know now that she had no clue her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, was having a kid when they began dating!

The singer started a romantic relationship with the backup dancer in 2014. But before the pair got together, Kevin had been engaged to Moesha actress Shar Jackson. They had welcomed a daughter named Kori in 2002 — and then a son named Kaleb shortly after K-Fed started seeing Britney. The timing of everything was the subject of much scrutiny back then. Their love triangle soon made loads of headlines, especially when Shar claimed she and the would-be rapper had still been an item when he got involved with Brit. Yikes…

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When the allegation dropped, many believed Britney had been a homewrecker, especially egregious considering she was pregnant. However, the Crossroads star is hitting back at the accusations in her new memoir, The Woman in Me! Britney insists she “had no idea” K-Fed even had a kid, much less that his “ex-girlfriend was eight months pregnant” with their second. She recalls:

“Kevin had a ‘bad boy’ image. Still, I had no idea when we met that he had a toddler, nor that his ex-girlfriend was eight months pregnant with his second baby. I was clueless. I was living in a bubble, and I didn’t have a lot of good, close friends to confide in and get advice from.”

In fact, she claims she didn’t find out about the children from Kevin himself! Nope! It wasn’t until after the former couple had been dating for a while that someone finally spilled the beans about the dancer having a “new baby” with Shar:

“I had no idea until after we’d been together for a while and someone told me, ‘You know he has a new baby, right?’”

Did Kevin just expect Britney to never find out this secret? Seriously? This is not something you let another person reveal to your partner! It should’ve been talked about from the very start, but clearly he didn’t want her to know. Kinda bolsters Shar’s claim he was cheating, right? Jeez.

At first, Britney writes, she didn’t even believe the baby news. But she still confronted Kevin about it just in case. Knowing he had been caught, he came clean about his kids. Britney remembers:

“‘You have kids?’ I said. ‘You have children? Not only one child but two children?’”

Despite him keeping this major secret from her, she chose not to end their relationship. The two married later that same year and welcomed two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden, before divorcing in 2007.

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