Britney Spears Claims Dad Made Her Eat Only ‘Chicken & Canned Vegetables’ For 2 Years!

All that money, and Britney Spears had to eat WHAT?! The pop princess wasn’t allowed to dine on the finest foods while under the control of her father and former conservator, Jamie Spears! What she got instead will have your jaws on the floor!

During her conservatorship, the 41-year-old pop star claims in her book The Woman in Me that her dad controlled everything, including her eating habits. We’ve already heard he would “always” body shame Britney and tell her she looked “fat.” But she says at one point, Jamie decided to put her on a “strict diet” to make her lose weight. It was so extreme that Britney often pleaded with her staff for “real food,” like hamburgers or ice cream! She recalled:

“The irony was that we had a butler — an extravagance — and I would beg him for real food.”

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However, due to the “strict orders” from Jamie, everyone ignored her requests. She “ate almost nothing but chicken and canned vegetables” for TWO YEARS! What the f**k. Britney added:

“Two years is a long time to not be able to eat what you want, especially when it’s your body and your work and your soul making the money that everyone’s living off of. Two years of asking for french fries and being told no. I found it so degrading.”

Not that he should have had control over her at all, but… if he was intent on putting her on a diet, why not work with a nutritionist to give her a variety of healthy foods? So she doesn’t crave different things all the time? Doing it this way just seems so cruel.

Soon Britney began to feel like “[her] body wasn’t [hers] anymore” because someone else — her own father — was practically starving her and depriving her of any food she wanted:

“I felt scared. I’ll be honest, I was f**king miserable.”

Despite having a strict food plan and fitness routine, Britney noted the diet “had the opposite effect” of what Jamie wanted — she still gained weight. When this happened, the 71-year-old continued to make her feel like she “wasn’t good enough”:

“Even though I wasn’t eating as much, he made me feel so ugly and like I wasn’t good enough. Maybe that’s because of the power of your thoughts: whatever you think you are, you become.”

Oof. This breaks our hearts!

Britney explained she followed Jamie’s demands since she was “so beaten down” already. As Britney puts it, she “just surrendered.” The singer then continued to diet while being used to make other people, including her family, a lot of money:

“My body was strong enough to carry two children and agile enough to execute every choreographed move perfectly onstage. And now here I was, having every calorie recorded so people could continue to get rich off my body.”

Awful. What’s even wilder, Britney writes, “no one else” thought it was “outrageous” her diet was being so controlled! Only she recognized how terrible her father’s orders were! While she was “starving and working” all the time, she claimed her family ate the best foods each night — which she paid for:

“My family would stay in Destin, a pretty beach town in Florida, at a ridiculously beautiful condo that I bought for them and eat good-tasting food every night while I was starving and working.”

Jeez. No one would blame Britney if she never wanted to eat a piece of chicken again after being forced to eat only that for years! Reactions to this heartbreaking detail from Britney’s memoir, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

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