Britney Spears’ Childhood Home For Sale — And There’s A Dig At Christina Aguilera Scrawled On The Wall?!

Britney Spears‘ childhood home in Louisiana is up for sale!

In case you need a refresher, the Pop Princess’ dad Jamie Spears sold the Kentwood home she grew up in back in early 2021 for about $290,000 — but now it’s officially on the market again, and for WAY more than the owner originally paid. Right after the release of her bombshell memoir The Woman In Me, the house was listed for a whopping $1.2 MILLION bucks, according to TMZ, with promises of some OG memorabilia from the 41-year-old’s childhood.

The rural home sits on nearly two acres of land and has a layout of 2,300 square feet. It has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and even still houses the dance studio where singer first started her journey into the entertainment biz! The seller of the home is reportedly leaving behind some original furnishings, as well as a couple of baby Britney’s drawings signed by her back in the day.

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Some eye-catching features of the home are the *NSYNC posters still hanging in the Oops… I Did It Again singer’s old bedroom, as well as a spot where she signed her name in concrete, writing “Love, Britney”. Oh, and a total alleged dig at Christina Aguilera in ink on a closet door! The scrawling read:

“Christina sucks Brit rules”


Of course, are we sure this was scrawled on the wall by Britney herself? Or was it added after? Like, say, wayyyy after?? Hmm…

An insider told the outlet the seller has no intentions to profit off of the musician’s book release, even though the timing seems a little odd. They claim they just want a change of pace! Although, it’s hard to ignore that huge uptick in the price — we mean, going from paying a quarter of a million dollars to asking for $1.2 million?!

With all these little details accounted for, and the obvious huge profit the seller is asking for, what do U think about that cheeky diss toward Xtina? Could it actually be the Lucky singer’s writing from back in the day — or is it someone else hoping to catch a Britney fan’s eye with the nostalgia factor? Let us know your thoughts (below).

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