Britney Spears Audiobook Listeners CANNOT HANDLE Michelle Williams’ Impression Of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Blaccent’!

If you weren’t going to pick up Britney Spears‘ memoir because you thought you’d gotten everything you could from the headlines… think again!

The audio version alone, which we learned just days ago is voiced by acclaimed actress Michelle Williams, is a treasure trove of magical moments. Hearing the Dawson’s Creek alum talk through Brit’s most heartbreaking times is really powerful. But on the flip side you also have another kind of reward. Like, say, hearing a five-time Oscar nominee doing her best impression of Justin Timberlake going full AAVE to try to relate to Black artists!

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Yes, Brit has a section in her book where she praises *NSYNC for their hip hop flavor — but also mocks JT openly for his hip hop flava. As she put it:

“NSYNC hung out with Black artists. Sometimes, I thought they tried too hard to fit in.”

In an anecdote from The Woman In Me, Brit recalls Justin bringing cringeyback as he meets Ginuwine on the street in New York City:

“Walking our way was a guy wearing a huge blinged-out medallion. He was flanked by two giant security guards. J got all excited and said so loud, ‘Oh yeah. Fo’ shiz. Fo’ shiz. Ginuwine! What’s up homie?’”

If you can hear that in your head, amazing. But hearing Michelle Williams perform it is an absolute MUST! Ch-ch-check it out (below)!


With a tell-all like this you expect to get a ton of stories about A-listers and affairs and adversity… you don’t expect to hear Michelle Williams from Brokeback Mountain saying “Fo’ shiz”! LOLz!

The moment has fans ERUPTING on social media:

“boutta buy my first audio book


“Nothing can prepare you for these 15 seconds of Michelle Williams doing a Justin Timberlake impression as written by Britney Spears”

“Awkwafina narrating this book or something?”

“he’s from memphis this is elvis all over again”

“Michelle Williams finally coming for that Oscar.”

“(White) Michelle Williams doing an impression of Britney doing an impression of Justin Timberlake doing an impression of a Black person – this is art”

“Okay but now i need this book turned into a movie, and I need Michelle Williams to play Justin Timberlake”

Ha! Someone even put it over a video of JT dancing!

But maybe the best reaction was this reminder of the time Chris Rock absolutely DEMOLISHED JT’s blaccent from his Punk’d episode!

Classic! Remember when Chris Rock punched up instead of down? Good stuff…

But don’t forget, this is Michelle’s moment! Listen to a couple more of her amazing reads — Britney’s take on little sis Jamie Lynn Spears and on first meeting Mariah Carey (below)!

Yeah, you may want to get this one on Audible…

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