Blac Chyna Accused Of ‘Witchcraft’ That Left Singer Cursed — WHAT?!

This is WILD!

Blac Chyna is being accused of “witchcraft,” leading an up-and-coming singer to become homeless amid an ongoing legal battle! Buckle up, this is a crazy one!

The rapper and former Playboy model Iliana Fischer have been battling it out in court for over a year now about lyrics from the latter’s song Hate Me Too. She claims Chyna used lyrics from her track without permission in her single Doom. After her initial 2021 filing was dismissed, she took the matter to a federal courthouse the next year. Per advisement, she also copyrighted her own song and informed Chyna of the copyright infringement, but didn’t get anywhere with that approach.

In June, a Central District of California Court judge ruled that Fischer (who is representing herself) had missed the deadline to oppose the My World star’s motion for a ruling in her favor, which was granted. The suit was dismissed. So, it looked like the case was closed… until now!

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Iliana, who is appealing the dismissal, has come back out of the woodwork and is blaming the celeb for a series of bad luck! In an interview with The US Sun on Tuesday, the model, who is an active Christian, claimed she’s suffered a TON of s**ty situations since the legal dispute was dismissed. She also insists she was going through a hard time at the time, perhaps why she missed the court deadline to oppose.

First off, she said she got evicted from her Los Angeles rental home. Her daughter, Mariela, was also kicked out of a different apartment. On top of that, she was diagnosed with a seven-inch tumor on her right ovary and is currently undergoing treatment. Wow. All of this, she believes, is the 35-year-old model’s fault. She argued:

“This year has been pretty rough. I’m a Christian and both my pastor and I are fighting really hard because it appears that I have been spiritually attacked, along with my daughter, since January 2023, which is when the lawsuit started really gaining momentum. I have good reason – and I’m gonna sound crazy – but I wouldn’t put it past that woman to be involved in some religious cult or Illuminati and this born-again Christian s**t that she’s trying to pull is some sort of cover-up.”

Holy s**t! The TV personality got baptized and swore off OnlyFans last year, but the other artist isn’t buying it. Instead, she thinks the Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test alum went to extreme measures to get her way in court:

“I have not experienced these kinds of weird things, one catastrophe after another — homelessness, illness, and, it’s certainly clear, there’s a spiritual attack and I believe it’s coming from that woman. I’ve been having nightmares, which is a symptom of a spiritual attack, that involve reptiles and snakes.”


She thinks Chyna put a curse on her?! Well, yes — and she and her pastor have been determined to get rid of it, she added:

“My pastor has been giving me exorcisms, holy oil, prayers, rituals, all Christian-based. His grandmother in Brazil was a witch doctor for major celebrities in the 70s and 80s. Celebrities keep stealing from those who are struggling and actually have the creativity. She [Chyna] has displayed no talent, other than ruthlessness, but is living in a $4 million house and I’m suffering homelessness. Something is askew.”

Ilaina is now living with a friend in Las Vegas and working part-time as a private jet flight attendant, she added:

“I’m hoping and praying to get a full-time contract as a flight attendant because the pay is really good. I just think that anybody with any logic, and judges make decisions based on logic, I think that my appeal is going to get approved. This girl, me, had represented herself very well up until that crisis.”

In her appeal documents, she claimed she made $1,631 from Uber Eats, $2,996 from airline work, and $5,899 from background acting in the last 12 months, noting she does not “have my own place to live and am in poverty” currently. Rob Kardashian‘s ex hasn’t responded to the filing yet.

In her heated interview with mag, the former stripper took aim at Chyna — not only as a musician but also as a mother, saying:

“I have mixed feelings towards Chyna because I am a Christian and I am supposed to be a forgiving person. I pray for her. I have changed other people’s lives. I’ve changed the lives of dancers. I used to be a stripper before — and I know strippers that have now turned to Christ. I’m hoping that if I get nothing out of this monetarily, then I was the one who led Blac Chyna to Christ. Although I’m not fully convinced she’s a born-again Christian and doing this to impress the courts. Her motivation is always money. Her life, everything she’s ever done. Even having those children [Chyna has two kids by Rob Kardashian and rapper Tyga] was to get money because she didn’t love the man. She’s absolutely driven money-orientated person. The complete devil. The devil, it comes second to God.”


Dragging her kids into this isn’t a good look! As for Chyna, she’s been dealing with money woes of her own amid a custody battle with Tyga, so she’s got her hands full with legal drama! Still, we seriously question whether or not the court can even side with Fischer, because if they do, wouldn’t that be legitimizing witchcraft as real? Can a court do that??

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