Bianca Censori’s Family Told Her They’re ‘Embarrassed’ By Nude Outfits Kanye West Made Her Wear!

Kanye West may have convinced Bianca Censori to dress in next to nothing, but her family is NOT on board.

Over the course of the Ghost Town rapper’s relationship with the 28-year-old, we’ve seen some pretty, um… extreme fashion choices. It wasn’t because the architect suddenly had some new style ideas after hanging out with Ye. No, last month a source told “Kanye has a set of rules for Bianca, which includes never speak and wear what he wants her to wear.”

NEVER SPEAK. And dress in nude bodysuits and heels, like she’s some kind of naked sex slave. We know, SUPER messed up.

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But as the outlet reported earlier this month, Bianca went back to her native Australia, where some of her loved ones gave her a bit of an intervention… Specifically, they told her she “needs to wake the f**k up” from his allegedly controlling ways. And it worked! We heard over the weekend they’re on a break and have been for about a month! And now we’re hearing more details trickle out.

On Monday, an insider told The US Sun there was a clear “point” in time when her family began to disapprove of their relationship. And that point was Italy. Remember when Bianca reportedly snubbed her family? This source says it was the family that chose not to see her:

“There was a point some months ago when Ye and Bianca were supposed to meet up with her family, but they were not happy with his antics at all. The meetup never happened and I heard it was because they were embarrassed by her extreme naked fashion and the drama surrounding her trip to Italy.”

We all remember what happened on that NSFW Venice water taxi ride that got them banned for life… The source continued:

“Ever since then they’ve made no secret that they think she can do better, and don’t like seeing her in these crazy outfits on the internet, it makes them uncomfortable.”

We can’t blame them… We mean, the way Kanye dresses her certainly seems like more of a statement on how much control he has over her, rather than because of how much he cares about fashion… Certainly more than about how much he cares about her.

It’s also no surprise the family made their displeasure known to Bianca. The surprising thing is that she’s actually listening now, listening to her family and friends who see his controlling behavior for what it is. And, per the Sun that could end up making this “break” permanent!

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