Awkward?? Sydney Sweeney & Glenn Powell Have To Film Rom Com Reshoots Months After Rumored Affair!

The SAG-AFTRA strike is over, so actors can finally get back on set and make magic happen! For most movie stars, this is fantastic news. For those in awkward situations, well… maybe it’s more of a nightmare?

While making the rom com Anyone But YouSydney Sweeney and Glen Powell got tongues wagging with talk of a secret on-set affair! Nothing was ever confirmed, but the evidence seemed to have been compelling enough for Glen’s GF Gigi Paris to dump him over it! Sydney, on the other hand, appears to have convinced her fiancé nothing happened and not to worry about it. That or the guy feels he can forgive any alleged affair so long as Sydney still loves him and wants to stay together. Who’s to say! Messy drama for a comedy, but hey, that’s all in the past now, right? Well…

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It turns out the strike ended just in time for some necessary reshoots before the movie hits theaters in December! Director Will Gluck, told The Sydney Morning Herald:

“We were hoping that the strike would finish so we could film these extra things we wanted to do. We were very excited that it ended in time.”

Apparently the movie needed some more “beauty shots” of its gorgeous setting in Sydney, Australia. That meant flying both of the film’s stars back Down Under! To, you know, pretend to be in love or whatever. After… having to duck cheating rumors for weeks…

Sydney clearly is making it clear to her man that this won’t be like last time. How? Oh, she brought him along for her work trip! The Euphoria star was seen arriving at the Gold Coast airport with Jonathan Davino in tow, before they both flew from there to Sydney.

Wow. We don’t know about you, but to us this SCREAMS evidence of the affair being real. How often to significant others come with stars as they fly all over filming? This feels like some kind of special trip, just for this occasion, i.e. getting all close and stage kissy with Glen!

Did she offer the invitation to come with as a salve for the previous indiscretion? Did he demand it? Did he buy the rumors of cheating like Gigi, and this was proof there was nothing going on? Of course, from what we understand it was Glen’s gal doing a weekend set visit during their multiweek initial shoot that gave her a chance to see the co-stars’ chemistry IRL — and she promptly dumped the Top Gun star! Hmm.

This all just seems so damn awkward, but hey. That’s why you don’t s**t where you eat, right?!

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