Australian Senator SLAMS ‘Colonizing’ Queen Elizabeth While Taking Oath — WATCH!!

This senator is stirring s**t up!!!

Senator Lidia Thorpe, the first Aboriginal Australian senator from Victoria who is of Djab Wurrung, Gunnai, and Gunditjmara descent, took her moment in the spotlight to BLAST Queen Elizabeth II! On Monday, while she was being sworn in as senator at Australia’s Parliament House, the politician switched up the words of the traditional oath of office she was required to read. With her fist raised in the air, she declared:

“I, sovereign Lidia Thorpe, do solemnly and sincerely affirm and declare that I will be faithful, and I bear true allegiance to the colonizing, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.”

Damn! Did you catch it?! She called her Majesty a colonizer!! Right while pledging her so-called loyalty to her! Yeesh!!

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While she might have gotten away with the word change, Lidia was quickly met with a bunch of boos from those watching, with one person reportedly shouting:

“You’re not a senator if you don’t do it properly.”

Thorpe then turned around and told someone in the audience:

“You’ve got to have some respect.”


Senate President Sue Lines did force Lidia to say the oath exactly “as printed on the card” as is required, which she did with a LOT of attitude!! Check it out (below)!


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After the fact, the new senator tweeted:

“Sovereignty never ceded.”

The activist is a part of the Australian Greens party which is fighting for equality for indigenous peoples. They state on their website:

“The continued legacy of colonialism has not yet fully recognized the sovereignty of our First Nations peoples across the entire continent of Australia. This is a wrong that must be made right. Endemic racism, oppressive laws and policies, misunderstanding, ignorance, and the lack of knowledge and education has meant that First Nations peoples have generationally been subject to policies and legislation that have impoverished many lives. At present, many still live in poverty and disadvantage, without the same rights and services that other Australians enjoy. This must be changed so that future generations of First Nations children can dream of better things.”

Well, she got what she wanted! Lots of press and attention on her cause! Do you think this was an appropriate time to make a stand against the Queen?! Sound OFF (below)!

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