90 Day Fiancé Star Pedro Jimeno Demands Divorce From Chantel Everett After Shady Money Move!

It looks like the end of the line has come for two 90 Day Fiancé stars after a divorce court filing has been unearthed.

At issue here is the rocky marriage between Pedro Jimeno and his now-estranged wife, Chantel Everett, after Pedro took tangible legal steps to end things once and for all.

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According to TMZ, Pedro first filed divorce documents in court way back in May, with the existence of the legal brief only now being revealed this week. The reality TV star claimed he and Chantel had officially separated the month before, back in April, and that their marriage was “irretrievably broken.” The divorce case itself is still ongoing, and probably will be for some time, as is typical with these things.

ET reports that the filing — which apparently occurred back on May 27 — included joint restraining orders, too! That outlet notes a “mutual restraining order” was filed between both parties simultaneously to the divorce decree. Ugh…

And things got even MORE interesting after TMZ also reported that Pedro filed a third emergency motion on that same May day. In that filing, Jimeno alleged that Everett supposedly withdrew about $257,000 from the now-ex-couple’s joint business account just five days before they first separated in April.

According to the news org, Pedro asserts in the emergency declaration that Chantel allegedly transferred the money into “an account in her and her sister’s name.” Jimeno told the judge that he attempted to resolve the issue himself “to no avail.” So, he’s requesting that the court require Everett to transfer the money into a joint account until it can be divided up in their split.

Interestingly, TMZ notes that the judge denied the request for an emergency hearing on the money matter. However, the judge apparently did say that the court would set a hearing to resolve the financial fracas in the near future. Still, if Pedro really is out a quarter of a million dollars just like that… OUCH!

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TLC fans will undoubtedly be following this divorce closely. After all, the couple had been the focus of the channel’s series The Family Chantel, which marked the first spin-off attempt coming from the 90 Day Fiancé realm. The spin-off series had been going well enough for a while, but the new fourth season of the show, which premiered in early June, started to really reveal cracks in the marriage.

Early teases of forthcoming episodes of The Family Chantel have shown the pair discussing the possibility of separation and, as ET notes, the duo “get in several epic screaming matches” throughout the series. If you’re just catching up, you can re-live TLC’s early May teaser clip of the now-estranged-couple’s fourth season run:


Obviously, viewers will likely see even more of what led to this newly-uncovered divorce as that series continues to run its course the rest of this summer on TLC. And we’re just assuming here, but we’re probably not gonna get a fifth season of The Family Chantel, are we?!?!

With money-moving accusations and restraining orders, it may already be past this point, but for now let’s just hope these two can split in a reasonably amicable way from here…

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