2 VERY Strange Updates In Georgia Mom Debbie Collier’s Murder Case

The chilling murder case of Georgia mom Debbie Collier continues… and continues to get more complicated.

In case you need a refresher, early last month Collier left home in a rental car with only her debit card and license. Out of nowhere, she transferred $2,385 to her daughter Amanda Bearden through Venmo — along with a cryptic message which read:

“They’re not going to let me go, love you”

This message would be the precedent to the most horrific scene, something no one could’ve predicted. After the 58-year-old’s daughter could not get ahold of her, it became a missing persons case. Sadly the search didn’t end well — Debbie’s body would be found naked, charred, and lying in a ditch nearly 60 miles away. So, so awful…

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The Habersham County Sheriff’s Office dispatched deputies to the scene less than 24 hours after the woman’s disappearance where they discovered the black Chrysler Pacifica off of U.S. 441 and used a K-9 to search the area for clues. They found a red tote bag, a partially-burned blue tarp, and her body. HSCO Colonel Murray Kogod explained in a statement last month:

“Further search resulted in locating the body of a female subject down an embankment close to where the bag and tarp were located.”

Just terrible… but what pieces of evidence are pointing in the direction of her killer?

On Wednesday, Fox News Digital reported the last time Debbie was seen was on CCTV in a Family Dollar store. Police told the outlet she seemed “calm” and “not in fear of anything” when she made her purchases which were — horrifyingly — a reusable tote bag, a tarp, a refillable torch lighter, a poncho, and paper towels…

Yeah, Collier purchased the exact items which were found at her murder scene. Specifically, the tarp she was burned in and the lighter which set her ablaze? How does that make any sense??

You can see a screen grab of the security footage from the day she went missing (below):

cctv footage of debbie collier in family dollar before her death
(c) Habersham County Sheriff’s Office

So, so scary. The whole situation is so unsettling…

And that’s not the only eyebrow raising information law enforcement released. Amanda’s boyfriend Andrew Giegerich has a strange connection to the case. He got into some legal trouble in the past and owed police a hefty sum of probation fines. And the amount he owed, per this report, is eerily close to the $2,385 his girlfriend’s mom sent to her daughter before she was found dead. Right away we’d wondered about that odd amount. Could this be an answer??

Now, it’s important to say the police have not named any potential suspects or persons of interest in this case. We don’t know where exactly this investigation is headed, nor are we saying any of the people Debbie knew are responsible for her death. The fine which was owed by Bearden’s boyfriend hasn’t even been paid as of Wednesday. However, when you take into consideration the money she sent to her daughter being that close to what Andrew owed — and think about the transaction fees you have to pay when using a service like Venmo — it definitely gives some chills up the spine…

The maze that is the Debbie Collier case only seems to be deepening. We hope there are more concrete answers as to what exactly happened soon so she can get the justice she deserves. May she rest in peace.

[Image via Debbie Steve Collier/Facebook/Habersham County Sheriff’s Office]

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