15-Year-Old New Mexico Boy Killed In Fatal SWAT Raid That Destroyed Home

A teenage boy has become collateral damage thanks to police. Aren’t they supposed to be protecting us??

15-year-old Brett Rosenau tragically became an innocent victim of a fatal New Mexico SWAT raid last week when he was unfortunate enough to be inside a home that became the scene of a standoff. APD Chief Harold Medina explained in a statement:

“In our effort to track down and arrest a violent criminal, a young person tragically lost his life. I know many people in our community are hurting right now, and [we] appreciate everyone’s patience while the incident is thoroughly investigated. If any of our actions inadvertently contributed to his death, we will take steps to ensure this never happens again.”

Authorities were instead looking for 27-year-old Qiaunt Kelley, who APD claimed had violated his probation for armed carjacking and stolen vehicle charges. The suspect was also wanted for questioning regarding a June 26 shooting, a May 5 officer-involved shooting, and an additional armed robbery.

We can see why authorities were insistent on apprehending Qiaunt, but look at the cost! Now a young boy will never get the chance to grow up.

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Apparently authorities had been following Qiaunt and finally found him working on a motorcycle outside of a house — along with young Brett. When detectives moved in to arrest Qiaunt, the pair ran inside, resulting in an hours-long standstill. From here, officers used a drone to release powder irritants (tear gas) inside the home in an effort to flush them out. This is when APD noticed smoke coming from within the house — it had caught fire!

Soon after Qiaunt emerged with burn injuries. He was taken to be treated at a nearby hospital and later booked into jail for his warrants. Brett never made it out; he was found dead in the home alongside the family dog. The house was completely destroyed by the inferno.

Brett’s exact cause of death was revealed in an Albuquerque Police Department statement released Sunday — he choked to death on smoke: 

“The preliminary results of an autopsy cited the cause of death as smoke inhalation and also confirmed that Rosenau was not shot by anyone, as some bystanders alleged at the scene.”

This kid wasn’t the person they were pursuing!

Police chief Harold did acknowledge the potential of the department’s role in Brett’s death during his Sunday statement, but in a very calculated way: 

“​​APD uses devices that are designed for indoor use to minimize the likelihood of igniting a fire, and no fires have been reported over the many years they have been used in Albuquerque.”

It’s so easy for him to deflect responsibility, but what else would have started the fire?! They’re the ones who sent in drones spewing fumes.

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Following this tragedy, Albuquerque residents began protesting the police department’s use of extreme force. Mayor Tim Keller explained in a Sunday statement:

“No matter what the circumstances were, a boy’s life was tragically cut short, something no person or parent should experience. Every single life is valuable and the loss of any one is devastating to the family and the community. We share our condolences to all who know him and loved him.”

A criminal investigation is being undertaken on the incident to determine if any procedures were violated, and results will come through the District Attorney’s office as well as body cam and drone footage from the night.

Brett’s mother Amanda Lopez has set up a Go Get Funding to help cover his funeral expenses, which you can find HERE.

R.I.P. Brett.

[Images via Amanda Lopez/Go Get Funding & KRQE/YouTube]

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